Nearly all major companies outsource at least part of their operation. And some companies are almost virtual – relying on external organizations for all but one or two key functions such as product design or marketing. When executed well, outsourcing can allow a company to focus more attention on the business activities that are critical to its success while taking advantage of the external firm’s specialized expertise and economies of scale.

A poorly chosen outsourcing strategy can have a devastating impact on service delivery, quality and costs – and become a chronic problem. The choices are complex. Veritas offers the most effective outsourcing solution to the organizations.  Veritas offers the outsourcing solutions to all aspects of business operations, which includes

  • Accounting services : We provide high quality accounting services to our clients and provide the management accurate, timely and reliable financial information and reports, which facilitate the management decision making process.
  • Payroll services : Maintenance of payroll for the client which includes employee coding, recording of attendance, monthly preparation of payroll, salary transfer, statutory payments to Government depts., calculation of end of service and other employee benefits
  • Budgeting: Prepares comprehensive budget for the organization which enables the management to plan and control the resources in the optimum manner.
  • CFO functions : Our CFO services is designed to help CFOs improve in the multiple roles they play – from reporting and controls to finance operations or strategy and execution – and address the challenges their finance functions faces.
  • Property, plant and equipment maintenance: Creates, maintains, updates PPE register of the organization.